Transfer Station Division


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  • Please note: The Transfer Station and Town Hall offices close on most state holidays, please plan accordingly and call in advance.
  • Holidays and Inclement Weather may affect hours of operation. Call the Transfer Station for hours at 978-546-3578.
  • PAYT BAGS and Bulk Item coupons are sold at the transfer station - checks and credit cards are accepted. Review the Bulk Item and Recycling List (PDF) for coupon fees for various disposal items, as well as no-fee items.


The Transfer Station is the Town's solid waste disposal and recycling center. Users of the Transfer Station are required to purchase a Transfer Station Sticker to gain entrance into the facility. The Town of Rockport utilizes a Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) solid waste disposal program that allows a resident or business to pay a per-unit fee for disposal of the solid waste that they generate and is an effective mechanism for encouraging real waste reduction at the municipal level. This is done through the purchase of PAYT Bags by residents and businesses. This creates a direct economic incentive to recycle more and to generate less waste in order to minimize the amount of bags needing to be purchased.

Bag SizeCost Per Roll (10 bags) as of February 1, 2023
(Voted at Public Meeting on March 4, 2022)
Under Cabinet Wastebasket
(8 gallons) 20" by 24" inches
(16 gallons) 24" by 28" inches
Trash Can
(35 gallons) 35" by 36" inches
(55 gallons) 36" by 43.5"

Bags are available at the following locations:

  • Rockport Transfer Station
  • Cumberland Farms
  • Rockport Market
  • Shaw's (Gloucester)
  • Stop and Shop (Gloucester)
  • Market Basket (Gloucester)

Disposal of any large bulky item that exceeds 30 inches in any one measurement requires the purchase of a Bulk and Specialty Item Coupon for each item. Bulk and Specialty Item Coupons can be purchased by credit card or check at the Transfer Station by check. Mattresses are accepted for a $40 fee in compliance with the DEP textile ban.

Bulk Item Coupons must be given to the Transfer Station Attendant prior to disposing of items in the solid waste trailers. For a list of Bulk and Specialty item fees, check at the Transfer Station booth. Please note that construction demo materials such as wood, asphalt, brick, and concrete have disposal volume limits. If you have a large volume of these materials please seek an alternate place for disposal.