Stickers (Transfer Station, Resident Parking & Beach)


  • New 2023/2024 parking, beach, and transfer station stickers are available to order on the City Hall ePay website.
  • In-person Sticker Ordering Assistance - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm (entering application only - no stickers are available to print at the Town Hall Office).
  • Current Stickers expire May 31, 2023, new stickers will be mailed by City Hall Systems weekly. Please allow time for processing.
  • All payments, check or credit card, will incur a service fee. The Town of Rockport receives your invoice payment amount only. 
    Please note: The service fee is assessed by the processor, City Hall Systems.
  • City Hall Systems decided as of this season 2023/2024 to no longer accept mail-in or call-in applications - online applications only.
  • If you do decide to mail in or drop off your application at Town Hall, the staff here will enter it for you, inputting your banking information, which is time-consuming and will cause delays in processing.
  • Stickers are non-refundable once mailed and funds processed.
  • If you enter your checking information wrong or do not have sufficient funds, you will be assessed a $25 NSF Fee by the Town per MA General Law.