Parking Clerk

The Parking Clerk works in accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 90, Section 20A which mandates that the Clerk shall supervise and coordinate the processing of parking notices and the collection of fines. The Clerk works closely with the Police Department and the seasonal Parking Enforcement Officers to ensure a fair and equitable practice of parking violations. The Clerk also serves as the Hearing Officer for the appeal of parking tickets. In 2015, the Town purchased and installed new parking meters that replaced older ones; the new meters afford several convenient options for payment

Inquiries about payments can be made through the Treasurer/Collector's office at 978-546-6648.

All inquiries about Resident Stickers and Trash Stickers can be made through the DPW Office at 978-546-3525

Note: The office of the Treasurer/Collector has assumed all parking ticket collection functions. The office also serves as the intake point for ticket appeals and hearing requests but does not adjudicate said appeals or conduct hearings which are handled by the Hearing Officer.

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