Avoiding Internet Fraud

Fraudulent scams called "phishing" have been increasing in frequency. "Phishing" involves a victim receiving an email appearing to be from a legitimate business. The "from" line is often forged and the email usually contains authentic-looking graphics making it appear to be legitimate. The email may also contain what appears to be a legitimate link to that organization. When the victim clicks on this link, they are then taken to what appears to be a legitimate-looking website. Criminals can even make your browser's address bar contain the address of a legitimate organization despite the fact that the website is a forgery. Victims are then encouraged to enter personal information including credit card numbers and expiration dates.

It is the Town of Rockport's policy never to request confidential, personal, or financial information via an unsolicited email. The Town will also never send you an unsolicited email containing a link to a Town website where confidential, personal, or financial information is requested. If you receive such an email, purportedly from the Town, you are encouraged to immediately contact the Rockport Police Department at 978-546-1212. For more general information about "phishing" visit the Federal Trade Commission's website. For specific information about a suspected phishing attempt you may have received, contact the organization represented in the suspect email.