Map Catalog

The table provided is a list of interactive maps available to the public.

Online  Map NameLast UpdatedFinal Production
Sea Level RiseJuly 17, 2020Yes
Polling Place Lookup ToolSeptember 30, 2020Yes

The following is a list of maps available for print. All maps are available (free of charge) for download as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Additionally, all maps are available for print; they are subject to a 10-day turnaround time for printing. To order printed maps, please download and fill out the Map Request Form (PDF).

Map Name
Size in InchesPrice for Print
Street Index36 by 48 inches$15
Assessors Map Sheets42 by 42 inches$15
Zoning Map24 by 36 inches$10
Historic Districts24 by 36 inches$10
Historic Districts on Street Index24 by 36 inches
Voting Precincts24 by 36 inches
NHESP and Vernal Pools24 by 36 inches
Hydrologic Soil Groups24 by 36 inches
Prime Forest Soils24 by 36 inches
Prime Farm Soils24 by 36 inches
Street Index24 by 36 inches
Catchments36 by 48 inches$15


These maps were created by Rockport GIS. The information is provided as a reasonably accurate point of reference, but is not intended to represent an authoritative location, and is not to be used for conveyances. The Town of Rockport shall not be held responsible for the accuracy or misuse of these data.