Beach & Harbor Regulations

Chapter 9. Harbors, Floats & Beaches

A. Harbors & Floats

The following words, for the purposes of these by-laws, shall have the following meanings unless another meaning is clearly apparent from the way in which the word is used:

  • Adrift: The word "adrift" shall mean without being fast to a stationary object.
  • Aground: The word "aground" shall mean stuck on the bottom.
  • Anchor: The word "anchor" shall mean to hold a vessel in place by lowering a heavy weight into the water by cable, chain, line, or other method.
  • Anchorage areas: The words "anchorage areas" shall mean areas designated for anchoring.
  • Awash: The word "awash" shall mean a semi-submerged vessel or object.
  • Berth: The word 'berth" shall mean a position to tie up to or anchor.
  • Boating season: The words "boating season" shall mean the period from July I to the following June 30.
  • Harbormaster: The word "harbormaster" shall mean the harbormaster and assistant harbormasters duly appointed by the Board of Selectmen.
  • LOA, Length Overall, Overall length: The terms "LOA" and "Length overall" and "Overall length" are interchangeable and, where used, shall be taken to mean the length of a vessel from its forward-most part to its aft-most part.
  • Moor: The word "moor" shall mean to hold a vessel in place by cable, chain, line, or other method as to a pier or buoy.
  • Mooring: The word "mooring" shall mean a semi-permanent anchorage installation, consisting of a heavy anchor, chain, a mooring buoy, and pennant.
  • Mooring buoy: The words "mooring buoy" shall mean a white buoy with a blue band marking a mooring.
  • Mooring permit. The words "mooring permit" shall mean annual written authority signed by the Harbormaster pursuant to M.G.L c.. 91, §10A. Also known as a "10A permit".
  • Pennant: The word "pennant" shall mean a line or chain by which a vessel is made fast to a mooring buoy.
  • Person: The word "person" shall mean and include an individual; a receiver; a trustee; a copartnership; joint venture; a firm; an unincorporated association; a syndicate; a trust; a corporation; or any other entity.
  • Pier: The word "pier" shall mean any structure built out into the water for use as a landing place.
  • Rockport harbors: The term "Rockport harbors" includes Rockport Harbor, Old Harbor, Granite Pier Harbor, and Pigeon Cove Harbor.
  • Scuba: The word "scuba" shall mean self-contained underwater breathing apparatus consisting of a diving apparatus with compressed air tanks for breathing underwater.
  • Snorkel: The word "snorkel" shall mean a breathing tube extending above the surface of the water, used in swimming just below the surface.
  • Transient permit: A mooring permit issued for no more than seven consecutive days.
  • Vessel: The word "vessel" shall mean ships of all kinds, barges, houseboats, sailing vessels, watercraft, and powerboats of any type or kind by whatever means propelled, every structure designed, adapted, or capable of being navigated, towed, or operated on water from place to place for the transportation of merchandise, people, or for any other purpose.
  • Wharf: The word "wharf" shall mean any structure generally parallel to the shore for use as a landing place.
  • Winter buoy: The words "winter buoy" shall mean a winter mooring marker.

Chapter 14

D. Water Pollution

No person shall bathe, wade, or swim in a pond, stream, quarry, or reservoir that is used for domestic or public water supply in the Town of Rockport.