Rockport Complete Streets Program

What Is a Complete StreetThe Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Complete Streets Funding Program was created to reward municipalities that demonstrate a commitment to creating safer streets for all users and all modes of transportation. There are three simple steps that allow our community to benefit from the program:

  1. Tier 1 - Adoption of a Complete Streets Policy
  2. Tier 2 - Application for up to $35,000 and the Creation of a Project Prioritization Plan
  3. Tier 3 - Application for up to $400,000 in Construction Funding

Rockport has completed Tier 1 through the adoption of our Complete Streets policy which occurred in the Fall of 2017. Rockport has recently received a grant in the amount of $35,000 for planning technical assistance and is now commencing the creation of our Project Prioritization Plan.

Town of Rockport Safe & Accessible Streets Policy

Complete Streets are designed and operated to provide a safe and accessible environment for all users of roadways, trails, and transit systems, including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, motorists, commercial vehicles, and emergency vehicles. Complete Streets practices consider users of all ages and abilities.

The implementation of Complete Streets principles supports the safety, health, economic viability, and general quality of life in a community by promoting a sustainable and cohesive transportation network with accessible and efficient connectivity between home, school, work, recreation, and retail destinations.

The Town of Rockport's transportation network includes a combination of public and private streets, State Route 127, and the commuter rail, all of which connect Rockport to Gloucester and the world beyond the Annisquam River. This network of roads and rail allows visitors to come to Rockport to enjoy our community's harbors, beaches, scenery, restaurants, and shopping while providing our residents with a means to travel to and from their places of business and conduct their daily lives.

The purpose of the Town of Rockport's Complete Streets Program is to accommodate residents and visitors by creating a transportation network that meets the needs of all user types, using a variety of transportation modes. It is the intent of the Town of Rockport to consider and incorporate, as a matter of course and to the extent reasonably possible, the principles of Complete Streets in the planning and design of transportation-related capital projects, so that they are safe for users of all ages and abilities. This policy will guide our decision-makers to regularly plan, design, and construct capital projects to accommodate all anticipated users, as noted above.