Office of Fair Housing

Fair Housing strives to provide safe, attractive, and affordable housing through a number of programs that benefit both homeowners and tenants. The affordable housing program targets population segments including local workforce, young adults with or without families, and senior citizens.

Fair Housing works to generate, or partner with government and nonprofit housing organizations to meet or exceed Rockport's housing unit goals and demographic expansion including:

  • Affordable subsidy homes for very low and low to moderate-income households in partnership with the Gloucester/Rockport Housing Authority;
  • Affordable homes for low and moderate-income households for elderly and disabled people in partnership with HarborLight Community Partners;
  • Affordable homes for low and moderate-income working families; and
  • Fair market rate housing for professionals, members of the local workforce, and others with some disposable income, but who are unable to afford the higher prices of Rockport home purchases and rentals, but perhaps wish to work in Town or return home after finishing college, for instance.