Department of Public Works


  • - For questions about your water bill.
  • Massachusetts Drought Status - For information on apparent high water usage.
  • Water Turn On/Off and Final Read Requests - Works best in Google Chrome on your desktop.
  • The Mandatory Water Ban in effect since August 26, 2022, has been lifted as of March 9, 2023
  • There are no restrictions on water use, however, general water conservation efforts continue to be encouraged.



  • Bruce Reed, Chair
  • Erin Battistelli, Vice-Chair
  • Patrick Herlihy, Member

Gary M. LeBlanc, Director
Aaron Cilluffo, Assistant Director
Stephen Buonopane, Projects & Facilities Manager
Lori A. Greenslade, Business Manager
Robert Craig, GIS Program Manager

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Rockport Department of Public Works to plan, design, operate, maintain, and manage Rockport's public ways, roads, parks, open space, public grounds, Town cemeteries, water filtration and distribution systems, sewer collection and treatment systems, stormwater systems, and disposal of solid waste and recycling, through sound management, innovation, teamwork, and vision.

It is the goal of Rockport's Department of Public Works that through effective and efficient means of carrying out these tasks, the quality of life of Rockport's citizens is enhanced.

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