COVID-19 Updates

Rockport Vaccine Information

The Town of Rockport, in partnership with the Greater Cape Ann Community Collaborative, has provided over 4,000 shots since June 2021. The vaccine clinics have ended at this time.

ARPA Information

The Town has issued a brief survey related to gathering public feedback for the allocation of ARPA funds. Please visit the News section on the homepage of the Town website for a link to the survey. The final outcome of the survey is not to be considered to final decision of the Board of Selectmen. The survey will close on June 30, 2023, at 4 pm.

Town of Rockport ARPA Funding

Total Allocation: $2,176,639. 

Approved Uses: 

  • February 2022 - $153,200 - COVID Test Kits for distribution to Rockport Residents
  • May, 2023 - $75,000 - Affordable Housing Production Plan

All Use Approvals/Authorizations are made at a publicly posted Board of Selectmen Meeting.

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