Animal Inspector


The primary duty of the Animal Inspector is rabies control in the domestic animal population. Pets are quarantined to check for rabies if they bite other pets or people. When the biter is unavailable for quarantine, then the pet that was bitten would be quarantined or the person bit would receive a rabies prophylaxis.

Municipal Animal Inspectors are also responsible for barn inspections. Barn inspections give a census of the domestic animal population and ensure that animals are in good health, are housed properly, and that ample food and water are supplied. Generally, barn inspections are done from October to December annually.

The Animal Inspector is nominated by the Board of Selectmen and appointed by the Division of Animal Health. The Division of Animal Health appoints a municipal animal inspector for each and every city and town in the Commonwealth.

Please note: If you have an incident or report of a dog/animal bite, please call the Animal Control Officer at 978-546-9488. If you have an emergency, please call the Rockport Police Department at 978-546-1212.