Animal Control


The Animal Control Officer handles reports of dog bites and animal incidents; please call 978-546-9488 to report any incidents. Please see our Contact Information and Resources for additional information on who to call for animal and wildlife-related issues.

Please note: that all dogs must be licensed, fines apply for non-licensed dogs.

The Animal Control Officer is appointed by the Selectmen to enforce state and local laws with respect to dogs. The main duties consist of the following:

  • Issue Notice of Violation of By-Law
  • Keep dogs out of prohibited areas
  • Make sure that dog tags are issued to all dogs residing in Rockport
  • Make sure that fecal deposits are disposed of properly
  • Pick-up of offending dogs
  • Take complaints about nuisance dogs

Any dog found to be in violation of the Town's by-law and not under the immediate control of its owner (or any other person) may be picked up by the Animal Control Officer and either returned to the owner or deposited in a dog pound or similar facility. The owner shall be required to pay (in addition to any applicable fine) a pick-up fee of $20 and also shall be responsible for all costs of maintaining and keeping the animal at the dog pound or similar facility.


A current rabies certificate should be presented to the Town Clerk when registering dogs. All dogs must be licensed, it's the law.

Additional Information

Dogs do love the beach. Please note that dogs are allowed on the beaches with the exception of June 1 through September 15 annually.

Dogs are also not allowed in Rockport's cemeteries with the exception of service dogs. Service dogs are allowed at all times.

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