The Rockport Ambulance Department (RAD) was founded in the early 1970s as a 24-hour emergency medical service. The Department has its own headquarters at 37-R Broadway. The volunteers who staff the service are all certified by the State of Massachusetts as Emergency Medical Technicians in Basic Life Support.


The Rockport Ambulance Department (RAD) provides emergency medical care and transportation to the sick and injured in the Town of Rockport. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are trained and certified to: assess patient status, treat life-threatening situations, stabilize a patient's condition, and provide safe and rapid transport to definitive medical care. The RAD transports patients to the Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester and the Beverly Hospital in Beverly. The Department does not take patients to doctors' offices, immediate care centers, clinics, or HMOs. The ambulances are linked to medical direction at area hospital emergency departments. In life-threatening cases, transport is to the nearest hospital.

The RAD system is a two-tiered system: The RAD on-call volunteers are certified EMTs licensed to provide basic life support which is the first tier. Second-tier response is provided by Lyons Ambulance Service or Gloucester Rescue for advanced life support (ALS), when the need arises, on an intercept basis.


The ambulances are dispatched by radio from the Rockport Police Department when they receive a 911 call for medical assistance. A crew of at least two EMTs will always respond to the "call". All Department EMTs carry a 2-way radio. This enables them to respond to primary and secondary calls as well as emergencies in the neighborhoods throughout Rockport.


The Rockport Ambulance Department is a self-supporting Department whose budget is generated by the user fee/insurance that a person pays when a transport is made. The RAD accepts donations by the general public and gratefully acknowledges the outstanding community support for their ongoing efforts in providing the most up-to-date, professional, pre-hospital medical care possible.