Payment Options

You may pay parking ticket immediately by using ticket mailer (do not mail currency), drop off ticket with cash or check at the Parking Clerk Office, or after hours in a sealed envelope in drop box inside rear door of Town Hall or to the Parking Clerk's office on the Lower Level of Town Hall at 34 Broadway.

For credit card payments, use the on-line payment option below or the following phone number: 1-866-980-5363. Registry Clearances may take up to 4 days. 

You may pay online at Parking Ticket Payment

Grace Period: There is a 21-day grace period in which to pay or query a ticket. After the 21 days, a $10.00 late fee is added and an Overdue Notice sent to violator. Balances remaining unpaid are subject to further fines, including a town fee of $15.00 and culminating in the marking of driver’s license/registration for non-renewal at Registry of Motor Vehicles and an additional fine of $20.00 imposed. Payments for these “marked tickets” must be made by money order or in person by cash. Parking Clerk will issue the driver a Certified Receipt which he/she must take to the nearest office of the Registry in order to renew license/registration. Prior to this, the Registry requires full payment of all outstanding tickets on one's vehicles anywhere in the State.